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Hello and welcome to Access Violation!

This is a Discourse-powered forum for programmers of all types to come together and chat about tools, languages, and anything else that warrants discussion.

These days, most developer communities are siloed in by platform, language or tool you use to create you software. Access Violation’s goal is to break these silos, and become a community for all developers – regardless of what language you use, or what platform you target.

You will find discussions sorted into categories. There are categories for:
Languages, Platforms, IDEs, and the Lounge.

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You can use Access Violation from your web browser, a mobile app, or follow along via RSS feed. Here are some details to get started.

About Discourse
Discourse is forum software, not to be confused with the similarly named Discord which is chat software commonly used by gaming communities.

We also have a Privacy Policy, some Guidelines, and our own Terms of Service. (In short: We store a record of your account so you can log in, and while you’re here, don’t be mean.)