Please add data class to vb

please add data class to vb. like what python, kotlin or F# have.

Welcome @adi160281

Please make a syntax proposal of what you have in mind (as I never used python, kotlin or F#)

Hi adi,

Would love to hear more what you have in mind here. Note that for the most part, the classes ans APIs will be orthogonal to the language. Mercury will have access to

  • all the native APIs on each of the platforms it builds for (e.g. the fill .NET (Core) library, on .NET; the full Java/A dories APIs, the full AppKit or UIKit & Co Frameworks on Apple’s platform, etc
  • most/all open source and their arty libraries available for the platforms
  • our cross-platform Elements RTL that wraps commonly used functionality available on all platforms in a platform-agnostic API (largely modeled after .NET)
  • our Mercury Base Library (MBL)
  • and any class libraries you provide yourself

Note that both Elements RTL and MBL will be/are open source, so if rwhatever APIs you like to see we don’t provide, you can add them yourself, either rinyernally for your own use, or contributing them back to Elements RTL (oof they are useful to all languages) or MBL.