[Mercury Feature Request] String compare

Th compare strings in VB, you can use Is / IsNot for reference check and = and <> for value check.

= and <> are really complex functions, implemented in the VB Runtime, where Nothing = “” and Option Compare Text / Option Compare Binary is implemented.

The = and <> are therefore really slow compared to the C# implementation.

Because the extended VB functionality is not always needed while performance is, I suggest we add the C# comparisation operators; == and != thate behave exactly the same as the C# string compare (where null <> “” and Option Compare does not exist).

So that make then 3 compare sets for string comparisation:
= and <> : Extended VB compare
== and != : “Normal” compare like C# and Oxygene
Is and IsNot: Reference compare

Already logged IIRC?

Yes, that is correct.

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